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RGRS Live From Quarantine Bernie Meme Extravaganza

Socially distanced live music streamed to your computer or personal mobile device that fits like a mitten. Audiobaton (~10pm, CST) audiobatontx.bandcamp.com Pinson w/ Alex Souris (~9:15pm, CST) pinson.info Lily Taylor ft. Black Taffy (~8:30pm, CST) lilytaylormusic.com WATCH LIVE

Garrett Wingfield + Daniel Ryan ~ Sinevil ~ TWINO ~ Lily Taylor

Beloved sax man Garrett Wingfield is visiting town for a week, come watch him shred with local freako Daniel Ryan in the speak ez Garret Wingfield + Daniel Ryan ~ avant spit jazz + avant windows 95 jazz Sinevil ~ forward thinking electronics + tru country + bluesman shredder + snake farmer #rare #appearance TWINO…