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RGRS Potpourri in Quarantine Live Stream

Hey there we miss you, let’s reconnect. This is the official launch of our new bi-monthly live stream series. Hosted by Cig Oasis mastermind; Matt Burgess. Jordan Williams ~ dark techno rap https://jordanwilliams1.bandcamp.com/track/rap-techno John Falvo & His Daggers ~ country noir jammers Monte Espina ~ deep textual improv https://monteespina.bandcamp.com/album/conradios Sallie Bowen ~ weirdo sketch comedy…

Modal Zork ~ Candy ~ Cig Oasis ~ + @RGRS

Freaky weirdo show at RGRS Modal Zork ~ zolo weirdo music from Portland Candy ~ freaky bedroom pop Cig Oasis ~ practicing to be a doctor and other psychedelic hits Venetian Video Cats From Venus!! ~ truly weird performance art 9pm $5