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RGRS Potpourri in Quarantine episode 5 Free Week $$$$$$$$

Volume 5 of our live stream series! Hosted by Matt Burgess Please subscribe to our Youtube page! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNuxAUngWoTjVmqiWKC0Ovw Captain Moon & the Silver Spoons ~ zappa party funk rock Sinevil ~ weirdo folk vampire hunter Strays ~ psych doom metal Blixaboy ~ heavy techno Candy ~ solo zolo Most Efficient Women ~ free jazz inspired…

Modal Zork ~ Candy ~ Cig Oasis ~ + @RGRS

Freaky weirdo show at RGRS Modal Zork ~ zolo weirdo music from Portland Candy ~ freaky bedroom pop Cig Oasis ~ practicing to be a doctor and other psychedelic hits Venetian Video Cats From Venus!! ~ truly weird performance art 9pm $5