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Uncast Shadows: A Photography Exhibition ft. music by Akkolyte/R. Buttrum/Burning/Moon Precencse

A night of darkness and light Curated and Featuring photography by William R. Mecca Live performances from: Burning  https://burning666.bandcamp.com/ Moon Presence https://sacredrumination.bandcamp.com R. Buttrum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JENsTMMpMAk Akkolyte https://tofucarnage.com/album/clues-in-the-chaospile

Potpourri Livestream Season 2 Episode 1 : Vaccinated Bugaloo

It’s Season 2 of Denton’s favorite online musical fest named after a category on Jeopardy, Potpourri Festival. Just like before we mix together some of our favorite local artist, watch them perform and then interview them. Sometimes there are even more hijinks… Kicking off season 2 we have… Pearl Earl (per-recorded performance but LIVE interview)…