Hailey’s Fan Club: Cygnus ~ Spicy Bussy Boys ~ Grocer (Philly) ~ Ariel + The Bottom Feeders


Jul 29 2021


Hailey’s Fan Club: weekly depraved music + freak hang on the Rubber Gloves patio every Thursday for the rest of the summer. The show is free but please bring a donation for the performers.
Cygnus ~ 1030
Spicy Bussy Boys ~ 10
Grocer (Philly) ~ 930
Ariel + The Bottom Feeders ~ 9
Followed by Midnight Ultra ~ with eve.ning and Jordan Willaims ~ Warehouse sounds from the backyard

Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
411 E Sycamore St, Denton, TX 76205

RGRS ❤️ Denton

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