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Morgan Garrett | Python Potions | Injured

March 12, 2023 @ 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Coming up quick!

Orange milk recording artist Morgan Garrett returns to RGRS. Extreme Fantasy live.

Local support:

Injured – extreme electronic rock
Python Potions – synth madness

$20 for this show + Hide ~ Harpy ~ Mirrored Fatlity gig in the main room.

Morgan Garrett has long been and continues to be a stalwart presence in independent American experimental music. One of those souls reared in the borderlands where rural Appalachia begins to melt into the Midwest, where the long shadows of DuPont Chemical and Perdue Pharma lay over thousands of lives, his artistic voice is rooted in performing and hosting hundreds of underground shows at what the coastal trainees of various art institutions often view as a distant cultural out-road. Performing solo as well as in a variety of musical outfits such as SSS, Scream Culture, The Car?, Frankie Teardrop and SIGN-OFF. His solo music, primarily self-released up until today emerges from an approach saturated in relentless experimentation. One can track this as far back as 2014’s Tennessee EP under the moniker Stardaddy Dixie, a split release of unhinged music with the enigmatic surrealist troubadour Rick Weaver. But 2017’s solo release Spiral and Spiral II marked the beginning of a consistent recording discipline that became a lived, daily practice. Work from this time through 2019 is exuberant, free, and aggressive, documented in a kind of delirious frenzy. Following a relocation to Philadelphia in 2020, the release of I Saw Demons indicated a formal pivot towards a more cohesive production of work. Without any sleight diminishment of its abject freedom, I Saw Demons is palpably Morgan’s first work that sets out to enter the American psychosphere as a high production record. Reaching for any sonic tools without pretense of recapitulating any musical tradition, his work evades the confines of genre, but has found a home amidst both the more personal and off-kilter visions from American noise and industrial music, as well as the fringes of underground electronic music.

This new release on Orange Milk Records describes the maturation of a decade of near constant work from the aforementioned approach, of a measured, continuous growth. This the blossoming of that relentless experimentation into a truly personal, holistic, and refined praxis. On Extreme Fantasy these dynamics inform an unflinching and surprisingly harmonious reconciliation between spoken poetry, flirtations with the grief-stricken acoustic emo space one might associate with a hallucinated Elliot Smith, the bizarre country western balladeering of a combat Jandek, and kerosene-stained musique concrete. These all find their union in an environment of hi-fi crackling static textures, the baleful strumming of what must be an untuned guitar, and dark, vast, reverberating space.


March 12, 2023
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Rubber Gloves


Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
411 E. Sycamore St.
Denton, TX 76209 United States
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RGRS ❤️ Denton

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